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Thread: Fairings for R1200R

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    Fairings for R1200R

    I'm considering buying an R1200R on which I would mount a small fairing, most likely a Wunderlich or a Carpe Moto. Anybody have experience with these two in terms of wind/ rain protection, noise, buffeting, etc.? I've used a Parabellum Scout but do not care for its appearance. Had an R100S a long time ago that carried essentially the same quarter fairing as the current Wunderlich, which is also what I have on my R100R. I like them and their look, but I'm very curious how they compare to the Carpe Moto. Thoughts?

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    You might go spend some time on the R1200R specific forum on the R1150R forum:

    The questions and answers on shields/fairings have been pretty much been beaten to death there.

    The basic conclusion was - "It depends"

    It depends on"

    1 - Your size (inseam, chest height, arm length)
    2 - What you seek in the way of protection (minimal to maximal)
    3 - Your budget
    4 - Even the accessories like a tank bag or low seat vs normal seat vs tall seat

    Reading there you'll get some insight.

    I've been through about 6 different shields on my '07 R1200R. Some were OK, some were awful, the one I use now is acceptable, but it might not work for you at all depending on items 1-4 above.
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    I like the Wunderlich Trophy fairing I have on my 2011 R1200R:

    It was pricey though...
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