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Thread: rolling R69S bike

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    rolling R69S bike

    Here is the story.... A friend has a complete rolling R69s. The bike has been set up for a conversion. Fork have been mod. The bad part it has no title. I live in Indiana and they will not even look at the bike with out a title. There is a bill of sale. How would I go about getting a title some where else.

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    Check with a motorcycle auction person
    Someone maybe like J Woods for advice if he would give it

    These auction people know how to get a title with a bill of sale - it works
    technically by your selling the bike to the title service person in a state that
    will accept a bill of sale - they then title the bike and sell it back to you with
    a title from their state - charge a fee for the paperwork exchange

    Laws may have changed and I may be out of date but this is a common way it
    used to be done

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    Make sure its not stolen first

    I spoke with a gentleman last year that had just gotten his R 50/2 back after it was stolen in the '70s and some unsuspecting individual had bought it and tried to register it.

    Yup the original owner was shocked that 40 years after his pride and joy was stolen it was found, it was in good shape and it was being returned to him by the cops.

    You should have the VIN run before yo buy it. Even a title doesn't guarantee it wasn't stolen a number of years and owners prior to you looking at it. The gentleman I spoke to told me his bike had been passed between several owners and had a valid and clear title in the name of the guy who sold it last.

    Do your home work first, there are several states that only require a notarized bill of sale on vehicles older than say about 20 years old. You get the bike registered in one of those states and then transfer the registration to your home state and request a title for your bike. Like everything else these days it's not easy or cheap but its a waste of time if the bike has a bad past.

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    Is the bike in Indiana? You should be able to get a replacement title by filing for a lost title.
    Some States do not require/issue titles for vehicles over 25 years old and when you register such vehicle in your name in a State that requires a title, they will issue one based on the bill of sale.
    Talk to your BMV about the procedure. It varies from State to State.
    I have registered vehicles that came without a title in Ohio.

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    Where is the serial numbers on these frames - or is it on the plate on the front? The reason I ask is that my buddy has a /3 frame (twin) with no visible serial number and no plate on the front. I might buy it if I knew I could get it titled somewhere down the road. Sorry for the highjack...
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    Plunger models have the serial number on the upper strut that leads to the top of the plunger/shock. I forget which side it is on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 69zeff65 View Post
    You should have the VIN run before yo buy it.
    "We don't do that for civilians." - Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop C.

    Do your home work first, there are several states that only require a notarized bill of sale on vehicles older than say about 20 years old.
    The problem is you can be 100% right, factual and proper by the books, but the bureaucrat behind the desk is your judge and jury.

    My recent response to a similar thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by crazydrummerdude View Post
    Last time I needed to get titles for old bikes, I lived in Missouri. In the past couple years, they've gone from pretty easy to making it as frustrating as possible. There are exceptions of employees who don't know the proper procedures, but by law, it is supposed to be frustrating. Many people recommended ITS, but I found a guy in another state who was able to obtain titles really easy. Scary easy.

    I've also read that the state of VT will issue a title/plates to people out of state with which you can transfer easily. I don't know the specifics of that because I only just recently discovered it.
    ..and if the OP is still wary of getting it, just let me know where it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydrummerdude View Post
    "We don't do that for civilians." - Missouri State Highway Patrol, Troop C.
    Never used them, but will give you some kind of report for $25. They claim to be the motorcycle equivalent of carfax.

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