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Thread: 2001 k1200rs abs brake bleeding

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    2001 k1200rs abs brake bleeding

    I have a friend that needs a front brake line replaced and I'm not sure how to bleed the brakes on this 2001 k1200rs with abs. I can do my 2009 r1200 gs. I only see two bleeder valves on the abs servo ( front /rear ). I have the special funnel. I just need the procedure to bleed the lines. Thank you to all that respond to this thread.

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    I've moved this to the correct forum - Flying Bricks..

    And you might want to read up a bit:

    BTW - putting your thread title into Google turned up lots of info on doing the bleed on this bike..
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    I believe on the 01 model that you don't have the new servo system. I just bled my rear brake and used a regular vacuum hand pump to pull the fluid through.... I was doing my 24,000 mile maintenance schedule, but didn't have to do the front because it had just been done due to a hose failure just prior ( a couple of days) before I bought the bike....(yea) It appears that on my front, there is one bleeder on the left side caliper, but not on the right. I inquired at the dealer, (parts counter) and the response that I received was that it the bleeding was only done on the left caliper, but my Climers manual shows both being bled, which I think is correct. At any rate, I would use my old hand vacuum bleeder to bleed them.....Good luck....

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