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Thread: First time BMW owner

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    My name is Steve.I live in iowa and yes we do ride here.I have been away from cycles for 30 yrs.Late last year i bought R1200cl in Iowa City.Gina made it a great experence.I have been amazed by the acceptence I have been given by the more experenced riders.I feel like I have made many newfriends.This is unique. I have logged about 8000 miles so far This is my git away time.I look forward to meeting more members and putting on more miles. Ride safe. Steve from Iowa

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    ........and the longer you ride it, the more amazed you will be.


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    Welcome! Glad to hear you once again decided to use but two wheels.
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    Welcome Steve!

    You might also want to check in over at , a fantastic resource for our beloved C's.
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    Steve from Iowa

    I was so wrapped up in then people associated with BMW that i didnt tell everyone that i am a suckerfor great design. That is what drew me to BMW.I love machines that are built to last.I am tired of buying products from a throw away society. It is refreshing to find a product that the makers and the dealers want to last. I really love too ride this cycle.Please excuse my conputer skills. RIDE SAFE Steve

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