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Thread: Uclear vs Sena

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    Uclear vs Sena

    I am starting from scratch. I have a 99 R1100RT with no intercom system. I have 2 HJC CL-17 full faced helmets. I want a blue tooth intercom system for rider and passenger. I have physically seen the Uclear 100 and like the design because there is no boom mike. I am not familiar with the Sena but have read good stuff.

    I want to be able to have a conversation with my passenger and each of us to listen to our own music from our own phones.

    Let me have it. Opinion time. Any other options?

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    The only advise I can offer is that my Sena has worked flawlessly for the last three years. It's quick to sync with phone and other unit, it charges well off the bike, and charge's last a couple of days on the road admittedly I do not use music so the unit is in standby most of the time. Good luck with your decision.
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    The Sena SMH-10 is a great unit. My wife and I have been using the same system without issue for approximately three years. There is no need to worry about a boom mic, there is a wired (fixed) mic option as well.

    The two pack kit we purchased:

    Item# 839077
    Sena SMH10-11 Universal Bluetooth Headset Dual Pack (Revzilla)

    The kit included a boom mic and wired mic for each unit. I use a modular helmet with the boom mic and my wife has a traditional full face helmet with a fixed chin bar and uses the wired mic. The wired mic can be placed on the inside of the chin bar and you can forget about it. If you cannot find the same kit I purchased Sena sells the wired mic separately.

    I hope this helps.


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    Sena S20

    I don't know about the other system but I am familiar with the Sena systems. I think that in order to be able to listen to your own music and still have an open communication line, you'll have to go with the Sena S20. My riding partner and I each have one and before that had the older version. The S20 works very well and does allow me to listen to great music and for her to listen to hers.
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    I switched from a Scala G4 (lots of problems getting the intercom to work well) to Sena SMH-10 about 18 months ago. A couple experts told me Sena makes the best system for combination of audio quality, ease of setup, and ease of use, and a reasonable price, and I can't disagree - it's been a dream. My wife and I ride two-up, use the intercom occasionally, and I have mine paired with my Zumo 660 and iPhone 5. Just be aware the ways to configure it with different equipment are almost endless, so read the manual carefully and make sure you pick the one you want up front; clearing everything and starting over is kind of a PITA.

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    I'll go the other way and say I've got the uClear, and it's been great. Sound quality hasn't been an issue, and the boomless technology just simply works. I've ran it in both a Nolan N104 and a Shoei helmet without issue. The Nolan I did need to shave a tiny bit of the styrofoam to make the insert hole a bit larger.

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    I also have a Uclear, use it just to hear my Garmin 660 it works great and for 1/3rd of the price of a Sena, bought it on sale at Cyclegear for less then $100.

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    I ordered from a Nolan N-Com B5 as I have a Nolan N44. Then my GF ordered from them the N-Com M5 which is the same system as mine but for other then Nolan helmets. The M5 is really nice with the main unit mounting on the outside rear bottom of the helmet with an extra 3rd brake light built into it. I pair with my phone and Zumo 390 and intercom with her unit. She pairs with just her phone. The M5 control unit is wireless so you can place it where ever you'd like. There is also a phone app to change settings and aid in pairing. I am very, VERY happy with these units.

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    I bought a helmet with UClear a few months ago from CycleGear. Never use it as I can't hear it above 45 or 50. Bought a Bell Mag9 Sena SMH10 set up and really like it. Still could be louder when I'm going 70 or faster, but much better than the UClear set up.

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