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Thread: Engine vibration 1999 K1200 LT

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    Engine vibration 1999 K1200 LT

    I have a 1999 K1200LT with 49000 miles on it. At 3500 rpm a vibration develops and disappears at 3750 rpm.Tthis occurs in all 5 gears but is more noticeable in 4th and 5th gear. Does anyone have an idea as to why this happening? Thanks, Dave

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    Is this a new vibration? Or has it always done this?

    Vibrations are either caused by a mechanical imbalance or by a combustion imbalance. If it has always done this, and it is mild I'd say that is fairly normal.

    If it just showed up I'd say adjust valves, synch throttle bodies, and make sure the injectors are clean.
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    This is a new vibration so I will try your suggestions. Thanks Paul

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