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Thread: BMW Warning on water brand being used

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    Dear Med Wet Executives,
    I have a concept vehicle I would like you to consider for your fleet. I feel that it would be a fine addition and could be very useful for roadside assistance and publicity at rallies.

    This is a 1998 Harley Sportster 1200 that has only 10,000 miles.It is excellent shape.We bought it,took it to the shop and removed the rear rim,tire and shocks.We made a subframe that bolts up in that area. I built this to use as a rental item for Party Gator and it has been a huge sucess at ourdoor parties,bars, Nascar races.This was professionally built nothing is cobbeled on this unit.It has 4 blender bottles on the rear deck,also has a hookup for draft beer,and a pump system for dispensing alcohol.It is fully selfcontained when you start the motor and put into gear it turns the blender bottles on the back. This is a one of a kind unit and attracts alot of attention.I have receipts for $8500.00 but we are asking $5300.00 for it.

    original ad:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mika View Post
    P.S. How did you get hold of our brochure picture of the Med Wet rider fluid containers anyway?

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    Curses...foiled again.
    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

    St. Paul Pioneer Press , Minneapolis Star Tribune

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