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Thread: Wyoming's Snowy Range

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    Wyoming's Snowy Range

    If a lonely twisting and sweeping ride, with ascents and descents, through an ultra scenic setting has a way with you, perhaps you already know about the Snowy Range in southern Wyoming. Mentioned this to a friend yesterday who knows Wyoming well and he replied after the Tetons, he thought this was the most scenic place in the state. Hmmmm... anyway, a few pics and a vid.

    At an overlook I noticed this marker stone...

    The details...

    Wow. Well, I had to find out the details. The tale is told well here...

    Medicine Bow Peak is to the left here. The riding through this landscape is special...

    To the left/west from the image above, here is the invite...

    A pause at one of the numerous crystalline lakes scattered throughout this high place...

    And if having five minutes before moving on to something important , here's a vid to and through the Snowy Range...

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