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Thread: Rugged Humbug / Humboldt Crossing out of Chico, CA

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    Rugged Humbug / Humboldt Crossing out of Chico, CA

    Despite recently dumping my beloved BMW GSA on a gravelly curve and killing my Panasonic point-n-shoot, I was able to retrieve some pix and developed a little photo essay about the historic Humbug / Humboldt crossings of the Sierra Cascade outside of Chico, CA. This is really a lovely, don't-miss-it loop!

    I have posted the little adventure at: http://thechurchoftheopenroad.blogsp...mmit-loop.html

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    i did a ton of riding in this area on my G/SPD+ about 20 years ago... great adventure riding country. i'm pretty sure I rode this road on my way home from the 49er rally when they were held in Quincy. i've ridden Buck Creek road, too, when it wasn't snowed in.

    nice blog post... thanks for sharing the ride.

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