Vintage Racing at Willow Springs took a new turn this weekend. As fun as this event is, it was taken up a notch when former greats Gary Nixon, Jay Springsteen and Reg Pridmore made appearances.

Nixon and Pridmore raced and The Springer lent support to the Nixon Team.

Nixon raced a Triumph Trident (and Thruxton) and had an unbelievable race against Scott Jennings on a Rocket III, with Jennings winning by maybe two feet. In their next race ScottÔÇÖs bike seemed to have some problems which prevented him from being competitive and Nixon won by about one hundred yards.

After Nixons races I spent some time in his garage area yakiing it up with Gary, Jerry the bike owner and The Springer. All three were friendly, inviting and gracious. Naturally I asked for a received autographs on my BMW hat. Springer was exceptionally cool, very friendly. I mentioned a good friend of mine, Skip Van Leeuwen and both Nixon and Springer had anecdotes to share.

This was the best ÔÇ£Moto CorsicaÔÇØ to date and I for one will continue to attend especially if there is a chance to see some legends in the races. This is what it should be all about, old bikes and famous racers, family & dealer teams and some fabulous hardware too.

A Britten was there, owned by a team but not raced. Up close itÔÇÖs really a piece of work. There was a non-raced ÔÇ£Yamaha BuellÔÇØ , a super sport V-Max in all black, nasty looking. Some great old Guzzis, a Ducati 750SS and the typical lot of Matchless, Nortons, Triumphs, Vincents, BMWÔÇÖs and so much more.

This is an art of the motorcycle where you can watch them race, touch them and even sit on a few here and there.

Next year IÔÇÖve decided to motorhome it with full compliment of BBQ, music et al. See you there.