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Thread: Schuberth C3 helmets

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    Schuberth Customer Service is great!

    I have the C-3 and added the SRC unit to it a little over 2 years ago. The unit failed recently and it was over
    the stated warranty period. They told me to ship it to them and they inspected it and are sending me a
    replacement even though the unit is over warranty. I had a liner problem as noted earlier in this thread and
    they sent me the S-2 liner for free............this is the second positive outcome with them......customer
    service at Schuberth rocks!

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    Helmet break in

    Bought a nolan 104 back in january . After 3000 miles it was still uncomfortable. I got a childs #3 soccer ball put in the helmet and filled with air. Two days later it was broke in. Its been a great fit since then

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    Cue Ball Break In

    I have had several Schuberts and BMW helmets (Schubert) and always have trouble breaking them in. There always seems to be a hot spot on the forehead somewhere (my odd shaped head ... naturally). My BMW motorcycle mgr suggested the spoon method, but I needed more compression pressure. I ended up using a pool cue ball to fix the hot spots. I just threw it in my tankbag on my way to the Americade and within a day it was right as rain.
    Just checking my forehead in the restaurant mirror gave me the exact spots to compress.
    Another time I used the ball end on our verandah railing and was really able to put my weight on the critical areas.
    One caution compressing the forehead area is not to do so much at one time that you reduce the sunshade's ability to engage and retract. I suggest you check the sunshade's operation from time to time.
    If you see me at a bike show or rally with a red spot on my forehead ... just smile knowing I got a new helmet!
    2007 K1200GT
    1985 K100RT bought new, sold 2009

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