It was definitely an R60 kinda day this morning at 5:15 with the temps right around 60, so I decided to ride Das Tier in to work instead of my R100. Man that little slash5 is SO sweet! SO much lighter and SO much more nimble than my /7 with itÔÇÖs Windjammer barn door fairing, heavy hard bags and upright seating position. Once I get hunkered down and tucked in behind that little S-fairing with the nice forward lean of the low bars its just naturally ÔÇ£flyingÔÇØ time, Oh yeah! She just does everything so much better than my ÔÇ£dailyÔÇØ ride! Have to keep telling myself that IÔÇÖm NOT in a race, you donÔÇÖt HAVE to go fast to enjoy the moment, but then a nice little clear stretch of road comes up or a nice bit of curvy two-lane and well, its all over and those hum-drum thoughts of ÔÇ£take it easyÔÇØ just get blown away with the wind.

A quick downward tap on the shifter to drop her into the next lower gear, a twist of the throttle, and hard lean thru the corner as she climbs to near red-line, the sweet rumble of the exhaust note from the jet black Mac two-into-one as she climbs toward 5500 RPMÔÇÖs only serves to magnify the thrill of the moment and this sucker is GONE! Everything she does, she does SO well, so smoothly and quickly its as if she and I were meant to be as one, savoring the moments together on the open road in the cool of the early morning air as we wind our way thru turns, twists and traffic.

Aint NOTHING like my sweet little bare-bones slash5-S in the cool of the morning.

But then I pulled into the parking lot at work.
Ho-hum, just another day at work while my baby sits outside and whispers to me

ÔÇ£come ride, and together weÔÇÖll find a better place to be than where we are right now.ÔÇØ

Guess Ill be taking the LONG way home today..