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Thread: BMW missing out on a lot of potential customers !

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    SCQTT (still haven't figured out the Q or your locationary confusion) - I'm not saying the GS can't perform, but the seating position isn't the same and the feel is very different. The GS and RT are much more similar from and ergo standpoint. I prefer my feet a bit farther back and my hands farther forward. As for the bring a bike of my choosing, my selection is limited... I only have one bike to ride (unlike your stable) and it is the R1100RS. I also know full well that the bike is 20% and the rider is 80%. There are a lot of guys (and gals) who could probably drop me on a fun foad on a F650GS, nevermind a R1200GS. Nonetheless, for a street bike, I don't want a GS or RT or S. I'd take an ST, but my knees would hurt a bit more.

    Regardless, if you are up for a long day, I've got a 450+ mile route mapped out starting in Lodi and heading to the Ohio river for lunch. Some of the roads are better suited to a GS than an RS, but I think it will be a fun loop,22,23&t=m&z=8

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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
    Don't know if this fellow is a posting member, surely someone has seen this RS conversion of an R12R.
    I've got to find a picure of my long gone frankenstein K75 with the R100RS fairing installed. That was a great travel bike.

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    CGboxerlust- still on the R11S, 90K miles now. Added a F8GS to the stable- very fun bike, and a bit more suited to conquering CO dirt passes than is the S.
    Probably could have gotten a bit farther on the approach to Schofield than we managed previously.
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    The greatest travel bike BMW makes is especially if you are a tall guy the 1200GSA...
    I mean huge tank,comfortable seat,great windprotection and more legroom than the RT.
    But for a Sport-tourer the seating position is too upright and of course the bike is not as heavy as a RT or the even heavier other tourers on the market but still 100 lbs too heavy.
    A R1200S with bigger tank,adjustable clip-ons a la R1200ST,2 up seat,
    centerstand,rack and full size bags would have been the perfect sports-tourer...
    That BMW does not offer such a bike is like if Harley would have stopped making aircooled cruisers...
    AS for the "R120CS" that would be a nice addition to the line based on the
    R1200R for collectors,aircooled boxerfans,people who like to look and polish in the garage or people who would like to ride a good looking classic but modern motorcycle.
    Both R-S and CS are sadly missing in todays line...
    I would buy both.
    One to love,the other one to ride...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCQTT View Post
    The bike is a 30% sportbike, 40% touring bike, 10% dirtbike, 20% hooligan bike.
    That 30% in red contains two good reasons for me being on an RS at the moment. My bike is more like 30% sportbike, 40% touring bike (that I don't really make use of), and 30% sedate old man's commuter bike that the police don't really look at.

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    I'm sure others have commented on this, "as opposed to the being different merely for the sake of being different telelever front end!" WHAT? It is FAR FAR more than just different. It is very effective.

    I have always thought the Telelever was the ONE and only non-conventional telescopic front fork that actually works VERY well on a broad scope of models for well over 18 years. It is THE most production successful alternate front fork to the very compromised standard (male slider or female slider) front fork. I say compromised from an engineering viewpoint because so many things about a conventional front fork are poor designs from a loading point of view.

    I have been riding Telelever equipped bikes for almost 18 years and I really doubt I'd be happy with a conventional front fork anymore. But hey, that's just me.
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    I didn't make it through the whole thread, so this may be redundant, but BMW Motorad just posted record sales. It appears they have a great grasp of their market. There are some great bikes that have come and gone and some that arean't sold here, but I think they have a better feel for the market and economics of regional sales than I do. The boxer S bikes are pretty cool, but probably don't make good business sense on top of the K bikes and the s1000rr.
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