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Thread: Save a motorcycle from pain and suffering!

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    Save a motorcycle from pain and suffering!

    With your help, we can save thousands of motorcycles from a horrible existence! Be on the watch for whatever you can! OBMWC...there are a few BMWs in here...

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    I recall a Suzuki 125 enduro looking like this when it showed up at my house when I was 17ish...we ended up just riding it until it died as it was given to me as payment of a debt . There was nothing on this bike but rust and oil leaks before we even got started.

    Funny set-up

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    A few winters ago in a parking lot I came across a motorcycle, no bike cover, totally covered in snow; snow even up to the axles. Went home and asked my wife if I could start a society for rescued motorcycles. I was told to leave that bike where it was.
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    Never Park your motorcycle for too long in the same spot

    Move it around.
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    I say prosecute the ones guilty of perpetuating this horror!
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