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Thread: New Aerostich Catalog came. I'm in it!

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    New Aerostich Catalog came. I'm in it!

    Well the new Aerostich catalog came in todays mail and my picture is on page 26, bottom right!

    I always get excited when I make the Aerostich catalog.

    Who else made it?

    Did anyone else notice the average age of the folks who are in most of the pictures?

    Jason Kaplitz
    Johnstown, Pa
    Laurel Highlands BMW Riders #294

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    That's it. When I get home tonight, I'm going to have to look on page 26. Congrats on getting in.
    Jeff in W.C.
    1988 R100 RT (the other woman)
    "I got my motorcycle jacket but I'm walking all the time." Joe Strummer

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    That's too cool. I didn't see you, but I did place an order when I received my copy yesterday:

    These should be nice and I'm hoping to be able to switch them between my two bikes.
    2000 R1100RT, 1988 K75S
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