While weÔÇÖre enjoying our rally there will be a group of kids with Juvenile arthritis enjoying their Camp Victory experience. The Camp benefits kids affected by many serious health issues. Thursday morning some of the kids will visit our ÔÇ£CampÔÇØ..
If your club hasn't sent a check to meet the Port Washington Club challenge of $100.00, weÔÇÖll be happy to pass along your individual contribution. A check will be presented to The Camp Victory representative on Saturday at the awards ceremony.
Be on the lookout for the roving 50/50 ticket sales people. Patsy Moore and many volunteers selling tickets. YouÔÇÖll have an opportunity to win some ÔÇ£beerÔÇØ money, while helping the charity.. Your donations at The Cyber-caf?®, the sewing booth, charging station, Coffee, and other volunteer areas will provide an opportunity to contribute to this worthy cause. I know weÔÇÖve all been touched by some of these diseases in our own families. Please consider ÔÇ£digging deepÔÇØ and helping the kids..

For more info, or where to mail your checks: http://www.bmwmoa.org/rally11/get_in...club_challenge