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Thread: From Greece to Germany

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    From Greece to Germany

    Hi all, I'm planning on a 3-4 week unguided MC trip for late summer.

    Wondering if anyone here has any experience with rentals in this neck of the globe.

    These are the rental companies I've researched:
    1. Adriatic Moto Tours, out of Athens & Slovenia
    2. Bosenberg, out of Germany
    3. Beach's MC Adventures, out of Munich

    Adriatic by far has the best rates, with unlimited miles and insurance.

    If anyone has rented from one of these, or others, I'd really appreciate your thoughts.


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    Hi - I'm interested in whatever information you get about this kind of thing. I just returned from a trip to Greece and Turkey, and have started thinking about a non-guided MC tour over there next year. I did send an email to Adriatic, and have asked an Istanbul travel agency to do some research. I'd sure like to hear if you get some positive responses.

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