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Thread: Naked Bluetooth use anyone?

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    Naked Bluetooth use anyone?

    Has anyone ever considered using a bluetooth headset without a helmet?

    Please advise of any experiences.

    I know riding sans helmet is a taboo to many - it is not my intent to stir that pot or get a wrinkle in anyone's nose. I know all the reasons and I respect your opinions - that's enough other threads worth!

    I will just say that my wife and I do ride without from time to time - and I would like to take advantage of the new RT's bluetooth sound/communication system while doing so.

    I am looking for custom fitted ear pieces that have decent sound quality and some type of receiver system that could be carried in a shirt pocket or arm band like an MP3.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Check out Sena Bluetooth's website. They have, or will have shortly, bluetooth headsets for helmetless riders.
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