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Thread: Rentals in Scotland or near Heathrow

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    Rentals in Scotland or near Heathrow

    My 2 brothers and I plan to ride the NC500 this summer but we're having trouble renting RT's or ST's or FJ's near Edinburgh or Glasgow. Plan B is to fly in to Heathrow and look for bikes there.
    Does anyone have suggestions for Scotland or anything near Heathrow?
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    they're in Do blind but will rent bikes that you can take to Scotland and the Isle of Man.

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    Try reaching out to forlornmtl. A new member who rented an R1200RT for a ride in Scotland last summer.
    Please post how you make out as I was looking to rent something near Glasgow later this year. Initially we were thinking of an Irish trip and I found a number of places that had BMW's for rent. In Scotland I didn't come across any BMW's but lots of HD's.


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    Hi daverae,
    Last July I hired a 1200RT from the Edinburgh BMW dealer, they are 10 miles from the airport. Easy to get to, not far from the motorway.

    Very friendly and helpful. I brought the bike back a day early (long story) and ended up getting stuck in traffic for hours, a 3-4 hour ride took 7 ! Three employees stuck around, I got there over an hour after they had closed. No issues, no one angry of my being late, no rush to get me going, asked me if i needed to use the restroom etc. they went above and beyond. But that's the Scottish way.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Cheers !
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