Just received the Apr./May issue of the Beemer Bulletin. The newsletter of the Naturally Beemers of Ar. Had an article on the Arkansas Grand Tours. The first one announced, 1988, was the County Seat tour of Ar. Go to all 75 county seats in Ar. Funny thing is 10 counties had dual county seats, 85 in total. I luved it, I was off an riding. Took me almost a year and half. Turned my info in and was just proud that I got to ride all over Ar.. A couple of months later I got a package in the mail, in it was a commenerative coffe cup and congratulatory letter. Barry Phillips First Finisher The Great Arkansas Tour 1990. It really wasn't a contest to be first, but I was proud to get it. The one and only time I was first at anything in my whole life.