Just got back from freight run to Joplin, Mo.. Driving west on I-40 and north on I-540 I was constantly surrounded with bikes headed to Bikes Blues and BBQ Bike Rally in Fayettville, Ar. Running thru the Fayettville, Springdale, Bentonville area was hundreds of bikes showing up for the rally. Stopped in BMW of Bentonville for a quick visit. Bought a MotoMan pin for my cap. Told them I would stop back in on my return trip Thursday. I was informed that they were shutting down for the entire weekend. I was incredulous. 100,000's of bikes in town and the BMW dealer was closed for the weekend. Strange. I've attended 15 Daytona bike weeks and the BMW dealer there is covered up with business. It's got to be their biggest money week. Am I missin something here.