I got off to a late start so I couldn't do the group ride to the club meet eat and meet. Took off and rode direct down I 55 south toward Como. Stopped at the Ms. Welcome Center in Hernando, gotta a new Ms. map and since the restaurant was in Como, I also got a map of Panola County. Road to Como and clean thru Panola County and hadn't reached the The Holiday Lodge. Stopped at a country gas station and found out the place was in Layfayette County. Just another 10 miles down the road. Got to the restaurant and joined the activities. Chowed down then a short meeting. All good. Nice place for a club get togather, it's just dawned on me that we had a meeting here about 15 years ago. Everyone split for home after it was over. I rode with Marshall Robilio back north toward Memphis to about exit 289 and the traffic came to a stopped . I rode off the interstate, cut across the access road, back up an on ramp across a couple of short fields up a road under construction, crossed back over the median to the other side heading the other way. Marshall just followed competantly. Finally got to a stopping point. I told Marshall that I proud of him. All that goofy riding, was actually dirt bike riding on street bikes. Marshall is only 83 and was riding a '78 R100. Not bad for an old man on a old bike.