Rode over and back yesterday. Felt good to be on as little road trip. Stopped after 5 miles at the I-40 welcome center in West Memphis due to it being cold, overcast, windy; layered up with another longsleeve T, sweatshirt, and winter gloves. I-40 between W. Memphis and N. Little Rock as everone knows is one of the most boring rides in the ol US of A. I've heard it a million times and I've ridden it a million times. I didn't care it was good to be on the rode on my bike. Road into the campground about noon and it was 6 hours of hard good ol fashion BMW motorcyclist family reunion. I've missed the last few of the Naturally Beemers rallies and other meetings and campouts. And when I did show up it was in a four wheeler. I took my share of ribbing over it. I believe there were about 75 in attendence. 6 o'clock came to fast, I was having such a big time. Just at dark, I was heading home. Right at 400 miles of riding and 6 hours of BMW comraderie was just what I needed. Hopefully next year I'm also camping.