Gotta load outa Seguin, Tx, to Nogales. Az. ; about a 950 mile run . Pretty easy run, good weather. High plains, mesas, plateaus mountains, tumble weeds, cacti, gulch's. I ain't in Ar. anymore. Rolled into Nogales and delivered the load early, right on the Mexican border. I could walk over and touch the border fence. After a day, I was off to Tucson, to see a Uncle and Aunt. My Uncle Buddy was recuperating from a odd medical malady. Any way he was mending well and ready to get out of Tucson. The heat was getting to him. Got the oppurtunity to go to Iron Horse BMW. I'd been there several times, but it had been a few years back. This is another dealer that I like going to. Good mix of new and used bikes. They hada couple of nice R100GS's that had been freshened up. Jim Richardson, the sales mngr. showed me a nicely restored '77 R100RS to concours condition.. Just sold, and it went for over $20,000. The guy's going to have a really nice RS. I helped restore one just like it about 15 years ago; I allways liked that year RS. Lookin over the bike accessory section, I found a R100GS leather tail bag on the self. On sale no less. Snatched it up, it's going on my R80ST. Almost worthless, but great bling. I dealt with Jon the parts guy. I think everyone there was John or James. Gotta get back there soon. These guys are racing the S1000RR and I think their getting some factory sponcoring from BMW. Good for them. Tucson BMW riders are fortunate to have them as the dealer. Like I said, great dealership, can't wait to go back.