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    brake pads

    where is the cheapest place to bye rear and front break pads for my 2005 1200 rt? I also would like some rs mirrors, and a tank bag. any help would be welcomed. thanks.

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    Search is your friend.

    Also when you search you may want to use the word Brake
    Add additional resource is the Resources Link

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolverine View Post
    where is the cheapest place to bye rear and front break pads for my 2005 1200 rt? I also would like some rs mirrors, and a tank bag. any help would be welcomed. thanks.
    I've got a pile of old worn, or fork oil contaminated brake pads. They are probably the cheapest.

    Now, for a specific model bike you need to determine what pads you want: OEM, EBC, EBC HH, Dunlopad, Ferodo, etc. Then price them at as many vendors as you want.

    I usually start by calling my dealer or use one of the on-line parts fiches to get the price for OEM. If calling I ask what other options they have / recommend. Then I look at the obvious vendors - Superstore, Kirk, Bike Bandit, etc.

    I usually wind up having my dealer send me some pads. I know they fit. There have been a host of almost-fit pads out there. When I get a set of pads mailorder with a note in the package that I may have to grind them down to make them fit I return them.
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    Two things I don't cut corners on are brakes and tires. So, I look for the "best" brake pads and then try to find them at the lowest price. I have become a fan of EBC's HH pads for all my "classic" bikes (with & without ABS), but have decided to stick with BMW OEM pads for bikes with integrated brakes.

    My thinking is that the design of the integrated brakes must assume some ratios in the braking force between the front and rear wheels. So, for the system to work best, you won't want (for example) overly aggressive pads on the front with less aggressive than stock pads on the rear. There is no way to know the differneces in coeficent of friction between a given aftermarket pad and stock pads.

    ABS is the fail-safe system that kicks in once a wheel has exceeded it's maximum breaking, but up to that point my theory is that it's the integral braking system that's in charge. If the ABS sensors feed wheel speed data to the integral brakes in real time so that system can adjust front/rear proportioning in real time, then I would think that would compensate for differences such as non-stock pads. But, so far I haven't fond anyone who can say for sure just how these two systems (proportioning and ABS) work together. To get more interesting - what tires you use would also affect the operation of these systems.

    Then again maybe I'm over thinking this. :-)
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