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Thread: I can't relate to this at all!

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    I can't relate to this at all!

    I've been riding since the mid 70's and I can't say I ever have felt less than respect because of my riding. I feel like a rider in a non riding world sometimes, but not like this writer . . .

    What about you?

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    Heh, every once in a while I get into a conversation with a random creep who, dripping with sarcasm and being totally patronizing, tells me what a "cute little bike" I'm riding, or asks me if I've ridden it to wherever ALL BY MYSELF?

    I've collected quite a few comebacks out of necessity to just stop these jerks in their tracks. Chief (and with the most mileage) among them being "of COURSE I rode it here myself; it's much too far to push it!"

    Leaves them all

    Of course, this has ALWAYS been from random creeps OUTSIDE the motorcycle community -- guys who don't themselves ride (some tell me they have a Harley at home in the garage... uh-huh...). Nearly universally, people who are actual riders have never given me the least bit of lip.
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    Of course - that is a story about women "bikers" - not women riders, or women motorcyclists.
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    Interesting perspective from the author, but I'd bet she never belonged to a BMW club. I've always felt welcome in this community.
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    I think she perhaps takes her experiences from a far different world than I and many other MOA members exist in. I do not find it difficult to believe that a woman would feel ill treated if she found herself in some biker communities and was on a small bike.
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    I can't relate to it either. I've never had anything but positive interactions from others when I'm riding. There is often the surprise element because I'm petite, but no one has had the attitude described in the article. I've known women riders for 60 years and while those who could ride back in the kickstart days used to get a bit of "are you sure you can start that thing?" it was usually a genuine concern. Some of those old Brit bikes could really kick back!

    Yes, it might be the "biker" community she hangs with. Could it also be her attitude?


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    hmmm, not sure what the debate is here but one one point the writer says that

    "This means that women who enter the motorcycle industry, or who ride a motorcycle already, are often faced with having to deal with these men. It's hard for me to keep positive when confronted by the men who think Ishouldn't be stunting, or in fact, riding a motorcycle altogether."

    Sounds like LIFE to me. As a male rider I've been snubbed by 'other brand' riders and acknowledged by 'other brand' riders. Got snubbed by a BMW rider/pillion on a new beemer - with $$$ matching wearing apparel ..... shabby me on my old /5 (1998) and had wonderful experiences here within the local and broader BMW community. That's life. Be a 45-50 year old male getting back into motorcycling and having both women and men, with a nudge-nudge wink-wink, say "mid life crisis eh pal?" sigh

    Maybe the writer has a strong need to be accepted by all men. Too bad. Not worth the effort IMHO. There exists a misogynistic element that will never be appeased no matter what the, relationships, motorcycles, whatever. - Bob
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    I’ve gotten the “did you ride it all the way here?” question, but always from non-riders. The author gets some men worrying about her stunting. That’s perhaps more of an issue than just riding. And there will always be those who don’t think we should ride at all, whether we are male or female. I had an emergency-room doctor who I met socially spend most of our conversation telling me why I shouldn’t ride. That was 300,000 accident-free miles ago.

    But within the riding community - and within the ‘biking’ community, too – I’ve always found respect and welcome. (There’s some kidding now and then, but it’s just part of the fun. )

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    OMG! Well, of course she's gonna get it from insecure male riders. She's drop dead gorgeous, sexy and young and she can probably ride better than most. If it's respect that she's looking for maybe drop the cheese cake promo pictures and have photos that are about her skill as a rider. It looks like she's auditioning for Boogie Nights!
    Just sayin . . . .
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    Quote Originally Posted by malaszka View Post
    omg! Well, of course she's gonna get it from insecure male riders. She's drop dead gorgeous, sexy and young and she can probably ride better than most. If it's respect that she's looking for maybe drop the cheese cake promo pictures and have photos that are about her skill as a rider. It looks like she's auditioning for boogie nights!
    Just sayin . . . .
    rofl. good one!
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    I haven't had the same experience, either. I wonder if she is reading too much into the comments and behavior of male riders?
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    After almost seven decades on the planet, these observations:

    1. Men fall into two basic categories, vis-a-vis women. Many of us genuinely LIKE women -- enjoy the conversation, the energy, the viewpoint, the intelligence, the moxie. The really, really savvy men in this grouping are powerfully attracted to STRONG women who usually do not come equipped with a reverse gear. (One of this sort shares her life with me.)

    2. Some do not actually LIKE women, at all. . .yes, the "M" word, yet this dark secret is (sometimes) concealed behind a smiling face, and a glint in the eye. Shall we say that this group has "issues?" GASP! A few of you may have actually met some of these beings along the road of life. This is when you be glad you have a f-a-s-t moto -

    This just in: When you got your "x" chromosome, and you got your "y" chromosome operating in proximity, there's always going to be a little frisson (vibe) in our interactions, and this is what makes the world go around, as they say. . .

    Regardless of whatever belief-spirit may drive your personal machine, whatever set this planet spinning had one hell of sense of humor, putting the several distinct sexes on the big blue marble together, for better or for worse. THIS is the best reality show, ever.

    Her hearing was keener than his, and she heard silences he was unaware of.

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    Merlin III

    My thoughts

    I have seen other men act that way in general. Women in pastimes such as motorcycling are somewhat expected by some men to prove themselves. The men who act that way do so in all aspects of their relationships with women, not just motorcycling. Whenever I see that type of behavior I just cringe.

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    Like some of the other post-ers - I've primarily experienced it with men outside of the riding community. Most of the guys I've met who ride usually have respect for women who ride - either riders or those who ride pillion. Once my a**hole detector goes off, so do I - into the sunset or I just stand up for myself... But that happens rarely.
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    I get that from time to time. Doesn't bother me much. If the author thinks what she gets is bad, she should take up flying and aspire to be a corporate pilot, or even, ~gasp~ an airline pilot.

    Some male pilot ego's are 100 times more fragile than male 'biker' ego's. There are some that will tell you (and everyone that will listen) that the only reason you got the job flying the corp plane is because you obviously provided sexual favors for everyone involved with the aircraft and they will do everything they can to make you look bad and try to get you fired.
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