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Thread: pictures of noahs tarp,para wing,sunshade

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    This is a Moss Parawing... before MSR bought them. disappointed to hear that they are NLA. Mine is getting on in years and I was thinking of getting a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tourunigo View Post
    I like what you made the best. We are looking at bring something (more stuff!) to Bloomsburg like what you have. Nice job. - Bob
    Thanks Bob! I based my design (loosely) on the Parawing, made it with materials I had laying around the shop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JStrube View Post
    ... I think they have a large Zing, or somethign like that as a replacement for the outfitter...
    ZING looks like the way to go for a sizable tarp

    Minimum Weight 6 lbs 8 oz / 2940 g
    Packaged Weight 6 lbs 14 oz / 3151 g
    Wing-only weight 3 lbs 12 oz / 1691 g
    Frame weight (poles) 2 lbs 10 oz / 1630 g
    Floor Area 200 sq. ft / 18.58 sq. m
    Packed Size 28 x 6 in / 71 x 25 cm
    Number of Poles 2
    Fly Fabric 40D x 238T ripstop nylon 6 1500mm Durashield Polyurethane & Silicone Coated

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    another option but not sure of it's water resistance


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    Kelty Sunshade

    The Kelty Sunshade is well made and is great in hign winds when the anchors are used. It also cost about $100.00. A little cheaper than the zing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wuli959 View Post
    another option but not sure of it's water resistance

    Looks like they have some pretty good products. Web site claims they are waterproof. I may have to try one out. I wonder if REI will carry those... Then I could return it if it stinks.

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    i got by for decades (seriously) with just a tarp. OK, i always had trees or some sort of similar structure to fly my tarp off of... but now, having had a Parawing, i can imagine that it IS possible to free-fly a tarp, with a couple poles, some guy lines and a few stakes. you would simply tension it against itself, same as the Parawing... some tarps will sure be lighter, then again you get all the protection you pay for... i use the heavy-duty silver tarps which are black on the bottom side. an upside to that is they don't distort the colors like a blue tarp does, tho they weigh considerably more. i got my Parawing in 08 after seeing a picture here at BMWMOA's site- and they were being phased out then. i had a real hard time getting one.

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