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Thread: Thanks to LOEBMWR

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    Thanks to LOEBMWR

    Again a great rally in Sipapu, New Mexico is over. This has been the best rally there I have been to. Weather was great, as usual, cool mornings. The roads, great and poker run all 194 miles of it took in some new areas and some familiar ones. I much appreciated the speed of the awards and prizzes. Very well organized and ran. Thanks to all the venders who showed up and also those who donated prizzes. I am sure all those who attended thank all the workers that helped make the rally a success.

    gpodzo Canon City, CO

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    We had a great time too. Rode the roads we always like to sample. Felt chilled but not frozen in the mornings, thanks to the great fireplace in the dayroom.

    We'll be back next year!
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Hmmm... Room for a National?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GrafikFeat View Post
    Hmmm... Room for a National?
    i wish. i've been around quite a bit of NM looking for a spot, not encouraging.

    the closest possiblity (imo) is Ruidoso, site of the Golden Aspen Rally. Their exhibit hall is only about half as big as we need. And while it's great for camping, I don't think the greenskeeper would appreciate us riding on the golf course....

    Taos does have a convention center, but it's also too small an not conducive to our rally.

    We should not give up looking though. NM is a fantastic riding destination.

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