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Thread: uview 550000 Airlift Coolant Tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by limecreek View Post
    I own an '08KGT--my favorite of the 4 BMWs I've owned.

    Lime Creek road is really a residential road now. Dozens of homes have gone up over the past 3 years since the building restrictions were lifted.
    I agree, once upon a time it was even sane to ride a bicycle out there, I used to , wouldn't now....Way too many new driveways and new homes since I moved away. I noticed the squids still meet at the 7-11 parking lot on 620...drove by the other day on way home in the truck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TexanRT View Post
    Wondering if anybody has used this tool to purge air from their system during a coolant change -- I saw this demonstrated on a Goldwing video somewhere. If so, does it work as advertised?
    Any updates or comments about using this tool? I'm getting ready to order one.
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    Got mine but have not used it yet - expect later in the year, even if just to flush the coolant.
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    I am a Matco Tools guy and I can tell you that there are a few coolant system refilling tools. They all work about the same (same principle) and range in price from around $100 to around $200. Most techs who start using one of these tools find them 1/ big time savers, 2/ easy to use without help and 3/ well worth the money. I've heard comments like "I don't know what took me so long to buy one" and "I can't remember what I did before I started using this tool". All the mobile tools guys carry this product by Uview or a similar one.

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