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Thread: Touring Underwear

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    Mario sold me a top at the rally & I wore it for the first time on the way home through Redding, CA. Temp was 110 degrees. I soaked it in water like he said, closed up all of my vents on my jacket & let the air enter my sleeves & exit my neck. All I have to say is WOW... Best $60 spent in a long time!

    I already owned the tights & a pair of UnderArmor shorts. I can say, I liked the tights better, as with the shorts, my legs stuck to my pants some...

    I am going to have to try the head sock thing. I am bald & the only thing hot on that part of the ride was my head. Maybe the sock soaked in water with the helmet vents slightly open will do the trick.

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    i got to use my LD long sleeve top and tights wed for the first time and like Mario says the seceredt is in your pants. i did not have any buring spots where the seams are in your BVD, long story short they are great

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    I wear my LD long sleeve shirt and pants all the time. When starting out when really hot it can be warm but once the airlow starts it works cooling you.

    Roadgear socks seem to work better in the warm months than my Smartwools. But when it gets cooler I wear the Smartwools, as a matter of fact my daily sock is the SW.

    I wish Roadgear would tame down their design and make a plain Jane sock.
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    I can't speak about the LD products, but I can tell you that the Under Armour Heat Gear boxer briefs are a lifesaver here in Iraq. 130 + degrees at the hottest and even though every pore I have was sweating, the "boys" were dry and rash free. Not much humidity to deal with here though.

    The downside is that they are somewhat expensive ($16-$20 a pair). But they wick the moisture and are breathable. And they dry out quickly.

    For Fathers Day, I got my dad 8 pair of them. He has a grass mowing business and was getting rashed up from all those hours in the seat of a zero turn mower. The UAs helped take care of his rashy problem.

    Another thing I got for him that helped was a beaded seat cover. A cheap one from Wal-Mart. It allows some ventilation between the seat and you. He just cut it to fit his mower seat. Liked it so much he bought them for the rest of the fleet.

    So far, he's been cool and dry. And it was a hot, humid summer in Ky.



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    My wife and I wear LD Comfort full length gear all the time even in the hot weather.
    It keeps you cooler and you don't get Monkey Butt!

    Then you can have Black Underwear Washing Parties with your friends!
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    I bought a pair of LD shorts before my trip to Redmond this year. I really questioned the cost of them. Seemed pricey before I left home. I have to say after 4700+ miles in 10 days they were incredible. Temps on the the RT showed up to 105-110 crossing the western states. While at the MOA Intl Rally I bought the helmet liner. I am so glad. All has worked as described. So much more comfortable! I am hooked now. Well worth the $$ spent. Mario do I get a discount? Just kidding (well kinda). Your products do everything you explained. I am so glad I made the purchases.
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    Wicking underware

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the brand "Wickers". They have a line of wicking shorts & T-shirts. Great stuff for hot or cold weather. Recommended by MCN magazine and by me, after 4 years of use. Don't get the slicky nylon summer ware, stay with their regular wicking material.

    "Smartwool" makes socks for hot and cold weather and they both do the job of keeping your feet dry.

    I certainly agree that the cycling shorts (padded crotch) are an added benefit for those high mile days.

    Hope this is useful.


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    Quote Originally Posted by igofar View Post


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    BMW silver socks and silver shirt both work incredibly well for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JStrube View Post
    On the LD COmfort, would you guys recommend long or short?
    The long LD Comfort tights prevent sitting on a seam mid-thigh, as the rider will be with the shorts. Riding very long days, that can make a big difference.


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