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Thread: non dealer repair

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    non dealer repair

    i'm looking to buy another beemer, however i am in Pensacola Florida, the closest dealer is in Birmingham 250 miles away, i do my own service work but if something goes nuts i'm looking for a shop or qualified bmw mechanic closer, thanks, Loki

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    Tough for me as well on the other end of North Florida at Amelia Island. Doesn't help much, but there is a dealer in Tallahassee (200 miles from you) . Matrixx Motor Sports took over from Miller after Dusty died.

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    I have the same problem here in South Texas. I ride airheads and wish there was a good Airhead Group here so I could participate in the Technical days.

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    Dusty died! I am sorry to hear that.

    I bought my RT from them. They are a small shop, but do great work.

    I was looking at the website and am sorry to see that they are no longer a licensed dealer.

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    did a google, came up with this from IBMWRA-
    can't vouch for the other guys in FL, but i know Tom High, and he is good.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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