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Thread: Vemar Carbon Helmet

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    Vemar Carbon Helmet

    Anyone have one of these? I just bought one and am looking for comments. It is very light!

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    Where did you buy it from?

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    Re: Vemar Carbon Helmet

    Originally posted by jcohen
    Anyone have one of these? I just bought one and am looking for comments. It is very light!
    Got post-purchase cognitive dissonance?

    Never heard of these helmets before, but a quick google turned up many vendors.

    Ouch.... $800 for a helmet?

    Seriously, I'd be very interested in your findings about the product. I'd like to get a feeling forthe cost/benefits of the lightness.

    Structurally, it appears similar to other premium brands like Arai... so the crashworthiness is probably there (DOT and the Europeans seem to think so...).

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    jcohen, please make a bunch of comments on your own too, i'd like to hear what you think about it.

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    vemar helmet

    I just returned the helmet. The web site claims 2lbs. 14oz. for a size large. I got a med. and it weighed 3lb. 1.8 oz. on 2 different postal scales. Airflow ventilation was not as good as my RR4 Arai.

    Although the helmet was light and provided a good fit, for $800 it had to weigh what they claimed it weighed, period. I was expecting the med( a smaller shell than the large that was used for the web quote) to come in at less than 2lb. 14oz. The importer said that they weighed it w/o the face shield. That made me mad. I gues i should have paid using $100's and counted each one as two. Now I do not trust them. I would have paid $450 fot the helmet.

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    oh yea, the helmet had some low frequency vibration at 90mph, curious and I did not have it long enough to play with it.

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