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Thread: Looking for R90S

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    Looking for R90S

    I am searching for high quality grade 72 or so R90S in the gold color. I visited the BMW Museum last month and fell in love with the Daytona gold R90S. i have seen a couple posted after trying an exhausted search. Maybe im not looking in the right places. The two that i have seen are both around 13K$ with low miles. So what is a fair price and where can I get a near museum piece? I do plan on riding it and not sticking it in a museum.

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    One for sale right now in the flea market section...

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    The color is Daytona orange, 1975, 76 model years. Good luck with your search.
    Bob Weis
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobmws View Post
    The color is Daytona orange, 1975, 76 model years. Good luck with your search.
    thanks for the correction

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    There are people willing to pay over $10K for low mile perfect bikes, but you won't want one because they become $5000 dollar bikes after a year of riding, and they need quite a bit of maintenance from sitting around too long. An R90 S should be able to fetch $5000 if it is in good cosmetic shape (looks great form 10 feet away) and needs nothing immediately ( you can ride it home a few hundred miles). Bikes with miles but a lot of recent work like heads, tranny, clutch, and new tires could fetch $6000 or even $7000 if all the paint was really nice. The cost of doing an all out restoration farming out the motor, tranny, and paint will be about $12,000, not including the bike. A fully restored bike would get about $10,000 if the seller was patient. You will see a few dealers move restored bikes for more, but avoid them. They are not as "restored" as they make it seem. At that price, you should do it yourself and end up with a reliable bike.

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    R90S, Daytona Orange or Silver Smoke, were /6 vintage vehicles. 3 year production run, '74 to '76. '74s came with kick start and solid front rotors. and a weak detent spring in the transmission.
    you want museum quality, you're going to pay (probably $10K or above). one of the few post-60's BMWs that are continuing to appreciate in value.
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    There is a Daytona Orange R90S in my garage at this very moment. It is being raffled by the BMWMOA Foundation at the open house in 3 weeks in St.Louis MO. It should have about 500 to 600 miles on a complete re-build when it gets awarded to it's new owner.

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    thanks for the input. i am not sure that the two i had looked at were in fact rebuilt and worth the 13K$. they had low miles and were sure good looking. i need to go back and find the website posting the two and get feedback. so one is being raffled? hhmmm; should i buy a bunch of tickets?

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    OK, here is the website that has both:


    as always, thanks to all Airhead Riders!

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    more stuff

    This is what an email from one center sent me on their R90S:

    We have no hard copies or official records for the bike. The motorcycle has been completely checked on a yearly basis by our master certified BMW techs here at Touring Sport BMW for the past 8 years. It has a two inch scratch on the front fender, otherwise it is in great shape. The motorcycle does run well. The mileage is accurate.

    Ryan Sachs

    Touring Sport BMW/Lotus Greenville
    General Sales Manager
    BMW S1000RR Dealer Advocate

    (Not trying to nick pick any place. But if im putting out that much bread I relish more experiened input.

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    Raffle bike pics

    The first of several
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    Rafle bike

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    Raffle bike

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    Can you post a link to where we can buy raffle tickets?
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