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Thread: Guinness World Record Attempt, Be Part of It

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    Guinness World Record Attempt, Be Part of It

    Grassroots BMW in Cape Girardeau is planning to attempt to break the Guinness world record for number of BMW motorcycles in a parade.
    This will be September 26th (Saturday) at 1:30 PM
    Nate Kern will be there with the new S1000RR.
    Make plans to be a part of this World Record Attempt!

    Check it out here....

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    Get ready for the Hijack! (I never ride is groups.... not safe)

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    So what is the record?

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    I understand it to currently be 126.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtek95 View Post
    I understand it to currently be 126.
    ...Herb (Grass Roots Honcho) explained that this is the record for an exclusively BMW parade. In this case, no other bikes will be allowed to participate FYI. I would hope we see 300+.

    Looks like I'm working that day...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RTFlyer View Post
    Looks like I'm working that day...
    No, say it isn't so....good day to call in sick maybe.

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    Talking Unofficial New Record

    Todays count was................are you ready for this..............


    Current Guiness World Record stands at 128, in Switzerland, done in 2004.

    Waiting for Guiness awesome, to have been a part of it.

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    Pictures anyone???

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    Congrats! My boss commented the other day that he saw 5 BMWs in a group. I told him he was privileged to see a very rare sighting.

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    I actually did take some time off and made it!!! And I didn't even have to resort to bogus use of sick-time! I just called in a favor. It pays to be the good guy sometimes.

    It really was enough to bring a tear to your eye. Over 200 bikes and from what I could tell, no drops or dings, and they all started. Grass roots lent our mayor a ride. He's a Harley guy. He was the only one that I saw in a doo rag all day. I guess he ran up near thr front with Nate Kern.

    I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in years on his 2002 R11000S, and had a long discussion with a new friend and his SO about his GS and Velorex hack. It was stunning.

    It's so great to meet with like-minded people and re-connect with old friends over interests that you didn't know you share.

    The parade route was approx. 4 miles. It was basically a circuit created to minimize local traffic interruptions and meet the Guinness requirements. I'd say we made the route in 10 minutes or so once we got started. I was toward the back (number 202) and didn't see any any problems. We were instructed to ride staggered, but as always, some people have little idea of how to do so and safely. An elderly gent directly ahead of me on an R100 constantly moved from right track to left track, then back, for no apparent reason and occaisonally passed the beautiful woman rider from Southern Ill who he should have been behind. I just gave him a wide berth...and rather enjoyed the view anyway.

    As you can imagine, there were bikes of all designs and vintages. Pics of mine to follow later today when I have time to upload them. Here's a pic from The Southeast Missourian, our local rag. Not too great a shot.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    How many "stitches" were there? That would be a record also I should think!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toadmanor View Post
    How many "stitches" were there? That would be a record also I should think!
    Interestingly enough, not that many.

    Lots of riders in pretty casual attire and few ATTGATT riders by percentage either. Lots of Helmet/Jacket/Glove/Boots/Jeans people. Myself included. Maybe it's just this area of the country??? Can't really explain my choice. I rode to work ATTGATT today.

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    Lotsa Pics

    Check GrassRoots BMW website for lots of pics.....

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