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    my first post

    Hello all,
    I'm new to the bmw world and planning a trip to the west coast in early aug (from indianapolis). If anyone has any advise or especially must ride roads let me know. Any and all insight will be helpfull.

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    All roads:)

    Welcome, but you poor thing, you're infected now! It all starts with the first post. From your Indy to here, just too many great roads to mention, but all will be great on two wheels. One of my absolute favorites is "Beartooth Pass" in S.Montana(Red Lodge) going into Wyoming towards Yellowstone NP. You find it and you'll know what bikes were meant to do. Its the best rid'in anywhere. Many more, just go and enjoy. Happy Trails, Randy GSA1200....

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    Beartooth Pass is absolutely great. If I'm ever again within 500 miles of there, I'll make a detour. Take a look at some of the photos we took last year on our way to Gillette.

    There are 32 photos in the gallery, photos 18 to 24 were taken in the Beartooth Pass vicinity. #23 is actually 5 photos stitched together. The road snakes from left to right at least 5 times - and the photograph covers a 180 degree view!

    I wish I had time this year to go back up there .... but maybe next year on our way home from the rally.


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    We're practically neighbors.

    The west coast is a pretty big target. What part are you shooting for? And, what BMW did you buy?

    Markleville, IN

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    Welcome to the madness. Hope you don't get over it very soon.

    I second Beartooth.

    I'm also partial to SW Colorado. Black Canyon of the Gunnison, then down to Ouray and Silverton, then west into Utah and Arches Ntl Park.

    Too many roads, not enough time.
    Ride Well

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    Man you opened a really fun can of worms with your first post.

    On the forum take a look at the Regional and Ride Reports sections and do some digging. There are all sorts of suggestions there.

    Off the forum you may be interested in following one of the historic national trails routes for all or part of your trip. Check out the site or do a Google. Going west I have followed the Lewis and Clark and Mormon Trail routes and had a great ride. Next years national rally may include following the Pony Express Trail.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmills78 View Post
    Hello all,
    I'm new to the bmw world and planning a trip to the west coast in early aug (from indianapolis). If anyone has any advise or especially must ride roads let me know. Any and all insight will be helpfull.
    Check out this website by RoadRunner Magazine.

    It has great trips and pictures. And, if you are a subscriber, those files that drive a gps.

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    I'm afraid I can't second Beartooth Pass, probably because my beloved K75RS died there last summer on the way to the big MOA rally. The only passing lane on the whole road was on a curve and the only place on the whole road that was covered with sand. An R12GS rider lost control and nailed me at the right hand edge of the opposing lane. A friend returning over the road a week later reported that the sand was still there. I wonder how many other accidents occured at that same spot because of the shoddy job of winter sand removal? Be interesting to know if the same hazard was present this year too.
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