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Thread: Anything Beemer wise in WV?

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    Anything Beemer wise in WV?

    Not one to usually ride in multiples but it would be cool to hook up with other mountaineers on occasion.

    I'm on the Ohio river smack dab between Charleston and Parkersburg.

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    BMWRA rally is in WV this year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by apretzl View Post
    BMWRA rally is in WV this year.
    I don't get it? Am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by womanridge View Post
    I don't get it? Am I missing something?

    what were you expecting?

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    The slash/5 united group has a rally in WV @ Seneca Rock

    June 13-15

    12th Seneca Rocks, WV Festival of Fives

    The /5 United Club (Aaah, those beautiful /5s!) is sponsoring a rally at the Princess Snowbird Campground at Yokum‘«÷s Vacationland in Seneca Rocks, West Virginia. This is the 12th year of this great rally and you can look forward to: tech sessions (maybe or maybe not), group dinner Saturday night (maybe or maybe not), door prizes (maybe or maybe not) and group rides (maybe or maybe not). But, best of all, it‘«÷s FREE! Enjoy the company of other /5s and their owners. All riders welcome! For more information, contact the rally organizer at "" The campground‘«÷s website is "" or by phone at 1-800-772-8342 or 1-304-567-2351.

    your airhead would fit right in

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    Eastern WV

    I live in northeastern WV, near the VA state line (around the tri-state area, north end of Shenandoah).

    Does not seem to be many BMW folk around here...

    I cannot even find a club within 200 miles.

    But, if you are ever east, I'm game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ObiWan View Post
    I cannot even find a club within 200 miles.
    BMWBMW is centered in and around DC, just 90 miles from Martinsburg. We have more than a few WV members, and WV is more often than not the riding destination of many of our folks. Matter of fact, the mission statement on the main page of the site is:

    "Welcome to the BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington. We are a 500+ member organization emphasizing camaraderie, motorcycle education and safety, riding and exploring the wonderful roads in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland & Pennsylvania, and general enthusiasm for all aspects of owning and riding motorcycles."

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    Not just BMW but you may want to check out the post for the Euro riders gathering in Aug. PM me if you want more info. Its not far from you.

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    The BMW F800 riders are also planning a gathering in WV on 8/28-30:
    It's now officially, official - the location for the 2009 F800 Eastern US Rally is in bright, sunny Cass, WV.

    Cass, WV is located right in the middle of the Monongahela National Forest, is family friendly, easy on the wallet, and less than a day's ride to most areas in the South and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Why did I settle on Cass, WV? Here's why:
    Great Riding: The first selection criteria is that the location absolutely, positively needed to have great riding around it. The idea is that we, this time around, will have plenty of maps and pre-planned rides so that everyone can explore the area. Cass, WV quite possibly has the BEST riding of anywhere in the world around it. Good God, Rt 33 going through the Geo. Washington National Forrest is drool worthy.
    Great Housing: The goal is to setup a central location for approximately 100 F800 Riders.

    Check out

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