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Thread: So You Served!!

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    US Navy '82 - '89: helicopter pilot, flew the UH-3A station SAR on Diego Garcia (ugh) and then the CH-46D performing VERTREP out of San Diego with HC-11.

    Now I work as a civilian analyst for Naval Air Systems Command, but there was 18 years between the time I left active duty until I came back aboard as a civilian. A lot changed in between.

    I have to laugh, my old job has been turned over to civilian aviators and the ships are now civilian manned (or is that "staffed"). I tried to get a job doing what I qualified to do in the Navy but according to the insurance of the contractor hired by the Navy to provide VERTREP services I did not have enough experience.
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    US duty...1990-1994...Biomedical Electronics Tech...lots of TDY...favorite assignment was Ft. Ord, CA...least favorite Ft. Hood, TX...these days I work for Navy SSP.

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    U.S. Navy, nine years active and reserve. Joined the Navy to see the world and saw a lot of Maryland: Ft. G.G. Meade, MD. Left reserves when training for my specialty was no longer available. Not sure that was the smartest thing I never did....
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    US Army Signal Corp, Feb 68 thru Mar 76, Ft. Bennington,Ga; Ft. Monmouth, NJ, Vietnam, Ft. Monmouth, NJ, Piermansens FRG.
    Owned my first BMW, both two and 4 wheel there. Both great machines.
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    Enlisted in 1976, got out in 2002 after 20 plus years. Most of it as a medic. Loved it. Got out because I could not keep up with the 19 year old kids any more. I miss the troops but do not miss the politics. Would consider going back if I was younger.

    Worked for a prison supply company and stayed with them for 9 years 7 months.
    Hated almost every minute of it. Glad I am not with them any longer. Means more
    time with my family and my Flying Brick.

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    Civil Air Patrol in high school.

    Aircraft Mechanic on KC-135As in New Hampshire 1985-1990.
    European, Alaskan, and Pacific Tanker Task Forces. SAC Nuclear Alert Force.
    Operation El Dorado Canyon (Raid on Libya, 1986), ELF One (Saudi Arabian) deployment

    C5 Flight Engineer in Delaware 1990-2011.
    Desert Shield, Desert Storm, numerous humanitarian relief missions.
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    To suplement the newer thread of the same topic.
    Kevin Huddy
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