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Thread: Kudos to Kermit

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    Kudos to Kermit

    Over the last couple decades I've managed to loose of break the curved crossmember pieces of my 2 Kermit chairs. Seeing what new chairs go for I sent them an email asking about replacement, thinking big $$$ for the parts. The next day they had the 4 parts in the mail, $3 each and $8 postage, $20 total, and said I could send them a check after I received it!!! Looking forward to have my chairs whole again, big thanks for great customer service!
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    I had a catastrophic failure of my chair (not a Kirmit) and fell into a friends Kirmit and broke 4 cross pieces.
    I went to the Kirmit people expecting to be told the high cost but they took a new chair apart and gave me
    all the pieces free of charge, stand up folks!!
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    Tom Sherrill is an upstanding man.

    (stand up, Tom!)

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    [QUOTE=Visian;987225]Tom Sherrill is an upstanding man.

    Agree 100%! A great person and company providing quality products!
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    I also cracked the 2 curves pieces and was sent 2 new ones free of charge, people these chairs are not to expensive with this kind of customer service. my chairs were 10 years old at the time .I have had more conversations started by folks commenting on my Kermit's while camping at various places. Most couldn't believe how artsy fartsy they are ,like a work of art.

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    Kermit Chair replacement parts

    My experience A+++ customer service!
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