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Thread: /2 crash bars

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    /2 crash bars

    I just bought a set of these crash bars, and when I got them I noticed they are tubular.
    I had an R69s in 1968 with these (?) crash bars and I remember them to be solid (not tubular) and heavy.
    Am I mistaken, or were there two types of these crash bars?

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    They have always been tubular, to my knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpeckham136133 View Post
    They have always been tubular, to my knowledge.
    Yeah, solid would have made they quite heavy, too. Heavy is the last thing you need on a /2, right??
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    /2 crash bars

    They are tube type, I have my original bars from my /2 that i bought new and they are not solid. Have long ago removed from bike when i put a hack on still have them setting in the closet.

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