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    I am in the market for some panniers. I have looked at the Jesse's, BMW and Hepco Becker. I ride a 04 GS Adventure and am looking for some input as to which way to go.


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    Don't forget Happy-Trails and Touratech. There are lots of choices, but which works best for YOU? I've got Jesse's on my GS, and I like them. Talk to other folks, see what they use and like.
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    Originally posted by manic mechanic
    Don't forget Happy-Trails and Touratech. There are lots of choices, but which works best for YOU? I've got Jesse's on my GS, and I like them. Talk to other folks, see what they use and like.
    And Moto-Sport Panniers. They're advertised in the ON. They look better made than some of the others. When (if) I get my new R1200GS those will be the bags for me. I've heard serious off-road guys say the Jesse bags hang too low.


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    I've been wanting to add the ones made by Moto-Sport...they seem like the best deal for the money. A friend has the Jesse bags, he is happy with them but I don't like the way the lids open up away from the bike, It can be hard to get into them with other stuff strapped on the seat.

    My GS has a set from GIVI, nothing wrong with them. They are easier to get on and off the bike than the aluminum styles, and I can fit two full face helemts into the larger bag.

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    I'll second the "don't forget about the Happy Trails". I installed them on my 2000 GS and really like them... here's a link to an install write up I did over on Advrider.

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    Jesse bags are good all around, IMO.

    First... everthing is dependent on your riding style. Without getting into a huge explanation, let's just say that if you're banging the bottom of your bags on rocks and stumps, you are outside the bell curve of the "normal" oilhead GS rider.

    Here is a review of the Jesse bags and below is a pic of my personal set-up.

    I also have a set (one of the very first made, BTW) on my airhead G/S:

    One feature that I really like about the Jesses is that the lower front area is angled backward. This becomes important as you paddle that big monster through deep sand or mud... it provides clearance for your legs/feet as they move rearward. Believe me, in certain situations, this can make all the difference. The wrong shape can make for a very bad day.

    I personally feel that the lids swinging open is an excellent feature because it provided two nice table surfaces for times when you're camping in a primitive area, or for when you're on the side of the road with a problem and have no where else to put all the pieces and parts of whatever you are disassembling.

    The inside of the lids provides valuable storage space. Great place for liter-sized water bottles when you're travelling across the desert in countries where the water supply is questionable.

    Plus, you can be the life of the party when you fill the bag with ice and use the lids to mix the drinks.

    About the only thing I wish for the lids is that they would still use the piano hinge instead of what's being used. The former is much stronger, but not quite as clean looking.

    Pretty much everything else is in the review mentioned above.

    I feel the the Jesse bags are well worth the investment.

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