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Thread: Photography Links of Interest

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    Looking for a lens or two?
    There's good reviews here at
    Since it's German it must be good!

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    here is mine

    FWIW here are my photo's
    I havent started submitting to NG . . . yet. . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by CFargo View Post
    I've used that link in the past. Good stuff, thanks.

    So far I've not had to do more than use air with a hand blower. I know I'll not be that lucky forever.

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    SD Cards Demystified

    Here is the best treatise I've found on the standards, codes, and capabilities of all the SD cards we see out there.

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    If you are a fan of historic photography, you gotta check out this guy, Quinn Jacobson:

    For getting good pics to begin with, there is nothing, nothing, more important that learning the principles of composition, or what they used to call 'design.'
    Here's a start:
    But if you really want to learn about composition (and you should), the best book on the subject, IMHO, is Michael Freeman's The Photographer's Eye. Excellent book.

    Plan your shoots:

    Harold Davis, a Bay Area photog with lots of books, does great tuts, and workshops in the Bay Area, for very little $$

    And for post processing your digital captures:

    Russell Brown, the doctor of all things Adobe Photoshop has this to offer:

    George Jardine, Lightroom, Photoshop

    Tim Grey, Lightroom, Photoshop

    And you could spend years just learning from Adobe's own Julieanne Kost:

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    Munchy: These are some really great links. I had one or two of them, but these are great resources. My son is just getting into photography and really enjoyed the 10 tips on composition. Thanks.

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