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Thread: Photo Assignment Karma

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    Oh so in, count me in please!


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    Meep meep meep

    Beaker is definitely IN!

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    We have a Winner!

    Sunday kind of came and went. . . . Sorry.

    Mrs. SNC1924 has drawn number 8! Paul_F is the winner of the Nikon poster Photo Assignment Karma.

    Paul: PM me and give me your address and I'll send the poster along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SNC1923 View Post
    Do you have an unsightly stain on your wall?

    Looking to cover up that diploma you purchased on the internet?

    I am in possession of a folded 20" X 30" Nikon promotional poster that looks like this:

    The perfect marriage of motorcycling and photography (and a great photo besides). On the opposite side is a great product shot of Nikon's revolutionary new DSLR, the D3.

    Want it? Reply with an "in" and Mrs. SNC1923 will draw names from a hat on Sunday, January 13th.

    Good luck!
    I have two of these if anyone wants one. PM me and I'll throw them in the mail.

    Edit: Both posters have been spoken for!
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