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Thread: Pet Pictures

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    Good series of shots on Fluffy the Sewercat, Barry!

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    Yep, that routine happens every time Taylor an John come to visit. I need to get a shot of Fluff when his head pops up thru the crack in the iron grate to see if the coast is really clear. It's so so cute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenfiddich View Post
    This is Pandemonium, born on the third anniversary of the day Barley and I left Vermont enroute to the Salem rally. It seems fitting on so many levels...

    Really cute.

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    my buddy

    I have two furry friends, Meesha, a purebred Siberian seal point, and Maynard, an adopted animal shelter goof of a cat. I got Maynard to be a friend to Meesha when I travel for work. But he is also the snuggler of the two. Be careful when you wish for a lap cat,'ll spend a lot of time holding things (laptop, newspaper, cycle magazines) in a manner to not disturb that purring doughnut of fuzz on your lap.Maynard.jpg
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    The name Pandemonium is out since my wife decided to shorten it to Pannini. I just can't have a dog with such an undignified name! So we reverted to our tradition of naming boys after alcoholic beverages and visited the state liquor store for inspiration. We found it among the Scotches. So here is the pup formerly known as Pandemonium, but henceforth known to the riding community as Sunshine's Shot of Glenlivet, or Gilly for short.

    He comes home on the 1st of September and will start his sidecar training next spring.

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    Nice Pete
    I keep thinking of another dog as company for my aging Lab.
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    Taken at the end of the Damn Yankee Rally on our way out. Tobi is in his 'old' seat on Christine's XR, while Skye is on the 'new' seat on the K16. It turns out she gets really perturbed by the fact that Tobi is 'in the lead' when we are riding from one place to another (Christine likes to follow me for some reason).

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    Was in the 100's last week before all the rain. I was under pool deck adding chlorine when I heard a splash



    Goofball on the float again...we had him join us a few weeks before and guess he felt like a swim.
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