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Thread: My Dublin to Ushuaia Trip!

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    On the road at the moment.

    My Dublin to Ushuaia Trip!

    Hi Guys, I have been lurking here for two long and now that i am over 5 months into my Ireland to Ushuaia trip I decided you might like a few photos.!

    It started with shipping the bike to New York, where I stayed with my Cousin for awhile. I made my way down the coast as far as Washington before getting in contact with Statdawg in Pennsylvania. He was responsible for me joining the MOA, and for getting me to go to the MOA rally in Wisconsin.

    We did some exploring of the area together and of course a few pints were in order.
    After exploring Washington and Philly it was off north to Montreal Canada

    Border Crossing was easy!!

    A slight detour was made to the MOA rally in Wisconsin, where I met some great people

    After here I had my first spill on Wyoming dirt roads and wandered down to Colorado. Where I met outback UFO , or Mike Rand. Who thought me how to change a tire, and some techniques for riding dirt! (to be honest i was really green before that)

    Colorado was followed by trips to Utah and Arizona, and finally onto LA Where I stayed with an Uncle before heading down to Ocean Beach in San Diego, where I learned to Surf, with an Aussie dude at the hostal.

    Did some climbing in Arches and some surfing at San Diego

    Then Mexico, where i met up with two more Irish riders on the road from Alaska

    Danced with some locals, the hotel receptionists are really friendly in Mexico!! Baja was great for riding with some nice sandy dirt roads.. I am thinking the R1200GS is not the best Sand bike!! But I still love it.

    Did some drinking with random friendly Mexicans. Actually these guys saved my ass, They opened the hostal especially for me, when the one that i was supposed to stay at messed up my booking and left me homeless, I was actually the first Guest. They are bike friendly and even let me park in the lobby. Place is in Morelia, let me know if you need the address.

    Drove some great roads with cool views

    Spent lots of time in Mexico City with Garry Diamond, and Alaister from the UK, and a certain lovely Argentine girl.. Garry is a School Teacher there and a great guy. Will look after anyone going through. He is on horizons and constantly bemoans the fact that Americans are too scared to visit Mexico City, so next time pay him a visit! Its worth it.

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    On the road at the moment.
    Also met with Brennan on his way back to the states!! had to drag him out of the mud..

    Then it was onto Oaxaca for independence day and lots of foam!

    Guatemala was a step into the unknown!! with some up front road works, (after Hurricane Dean)

    and great skies

    And smokin volcanoes

    Did the coast road in El Salvador - really nice, but i kind of flew through it.

    Then it was party time with Salcar in Nicaragua. Lots of fun.

    Some riding had to be done. Nicaragua apart from being cheap has some great back roads if you go looking. Not to mention the great girls.

    Next it was onto Costa Rica and Panama for the next few days. I was rather disappointed with Costa Rica, and Panama wasn’t much better. But it had to be done.
    The Panama Canal was interesting, I did run into an argentine guy called Claudio who was travelling with his 03 GOldwing to Ushuaia! Thought he was a little crazy, but we shortened the road to Panama city, and went seperate ways in Bogota,

    The two bikes at the Panama canal.

    Panama city by day

    I wanted to get the bike up on the lock but they wouldn’t let me!! So here is a ship instead

    Then I shipped the bike with Girag aircargo

    Then there was the aircargo to Bogota! Girag worked out fine, they havent gotten any cheaper .. but atleast no damage.

    Bogota was impressive

    Some really cool BMW people here also.

    Road to Bucamaranga, nice.. twisty! peg scraping good!!!

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    On the road at the moment.
    Hit a huge pothole and dented the rim!

    But after a quick disasemble and a $10 to a local cycle shop it was hammered out and is now good as new and is now back together.

    Scenery here is great!

    then met some locals who wanted to introduce me to some girls and a hotel room ... who do cosas muy malas!! mmm wonder what that was!

    did some climbing and even learned to dive on the caribbean coast.

    But everyone here wants to look at the bike, this was the 3rd stop in the space of and hour on the way to Medellin!

    Me and Simon {sound English bloke i met in Medellin) in Southern Colombia

    Crossing rivers

    Last night on the Caribbean
    Stopped at the famous Ruta40 BMW dealership in Medellin. These guys were awesome, real friendly so say hi for me if you are passing this way.

    Also great store for getting stuff done is Moto Angel who don’t charge for labour. Only parts.

    Moto Angel where Simon had his Headbearing tightened for free..

    We also had stickers with the website address made in Medellin. This guy charged 20 pounds for 500 stickers, which took him all day to make. Note the old school process.

    The roads in Colombia are Amazing this is just one of the many stunning vistas along the road to Salento from Medellin

    Of course for Halloween we had to have a drink or two. This is LaCasa night club.. so many fake **** its was class! Have to resist touching them. Me and Simon Halloween

    Entered Ecuador two days ago and now staying with Guido Pothoven who just got back from his PanAmerican trip a few months ago on a GS adventure.
    We spent the first night in Otavala before heading to Quito and el mitada del mundo. The equator monunment.

    In two days time we set off to the rain forest, and onto Banos, Loja, and from there over 600 miles of dirt roads over to Cusco! Will post the pictures when we make it!

    I had to divide the report into 3 differnt post due to the pics! but if you want more info its all on my website of course all donations to the cause are welcome

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    You're a fine lad to be sure!

    What a great trip report! What have you been holding out on us for? Glad you hooked up with some MOA members: Statdawg and Outback UFO are good fellows. . . . I wish Outback UFO would teach me some dirt technique; I could use it.

    Looks like you're having a blast. Keep the pictures coming. You'll get a lot of feedback on this thread.

    Way to go, dude.

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    What a magnificent adventure! Thanks for sharing.

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    epic more!more! More!

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    Thumbs up

    Dang!!! I hate threads like this, they always make me want to quit my job, sell my house and go explore the world. Dang!!!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Dang you!!!
    1976 R90/6

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    Wow. Thanks for sharing.
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluestune View Post
    Dang!!! I hate threads like this, they always make me want to quit my job, sell my house and go explore the world. Dang!!!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. Dang you!!!
    +1 on this

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    +1. Hey Kev! Nice to see the new pix! See yas when ya get back!

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    hey guys thanks for the comments! Expect more pics soon, looking at the map think we have found a spectacular route through northern peru, which is very little travelled, so if i make it out alive, should make for some good ones!

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    Nice pics, Kev! Glad to see you are doing well down in SA!!

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    There pictures of the cities and jungles were great. I second the other poster who wrote the pictures made him want to sell everything and take off. But, do you, umm, have any more pictures of the local ladies?

    Muy bonita!


    Randy Kasal

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    Awesome adventure! Go for you for getting out there and doing it! Keep the reports coming. I love reading that stuff.

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    Thumbs up Way to go Kev!

    Awesome trip, great write up and some seriously fine photos.

    Keep up the good work, enjoy the adventure and stay safe.

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