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Thread: Driving to New Tazewell, TN

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    colors should be changing right now . . .

    if you're driving down I-75 get off at Corbin, KY and take 25E down to Tazewell.

    At the KY/TN border you'll go through Middlesboro, KY where "Glacier Girl" was restored and is available for viewing. The tunnel there will be right next to Cumberland Gap Park. Nice place to stop for a few minutes.

    As 25E continues into TN, you'll go over Clinch Mountain where there is a little diner, just at the crest, that serves a great vinegar pie also has a great view view south of Cherokee Lake; though the water is very low this year.

    Have a great trip.

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    driving to...

    Here's the link to Glacier Girl. Great story.....


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    how was the trip? bike worth the ebay experiance??

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