View Poll Results: Did you ever own a VW Beetle?

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  • Yep, sure did.

    246 74.10%
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    52 15.66%
  • I've got a New Beetle does that count?

    7 2.11%
  • I had some other kind of aircooled boxer motor like a Porsche or a Bus

    27 8.13%
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Thread: Have you ever owned a VW Beetle?

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    almost 40 years ago, I bought a 65 or 66. took out all the fluids and battery, tipped it on its side and took off the body. Suspended it on lots of cinder blocks, and cut out I think 14 inches of the floor pan. Welded back, and then fitted a dune buggy body. Hard part was shorting the shift tube and not cutting the tubes for the clutch, throttle, brake? I had help from someone experienced. Then ordered a big bore kit, header, camshaft, good clutch, 2 bbl kits from JC Whitney. drove the heck out of it, then sold it and made a little profit. Very little. Learned that customizing cars is not normally profitable., You do it for fun. also learned that driving a slow car fast is more fun than a fast car slow.

    It was fun. Someday might get another.


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    Cool Yup!!!

    I had two Beetles (69 and 72) back in my college days. They were a great car in the summer, but up here in Canada you drove with one hand on the wheel and the other with a windshield ice scraper during the winter.

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    Cool 4 cyl Boxers...

    1961 Type 1 (Bug)
    1968 Karmann Ghia Cab (convertible)
    1971 Type 2 (Bus)
    1973 Type 2
    1976 Type 2 (2.0 liter EFI!!)
    1961 Porsche 356 Super 90 (B)

    ...all gone...but not forgotten!!!!
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