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Thread: Transporting helmets on plane

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlearl476 View Post
    I've travelled with my helmet 4 times now and never had a problem, even internationally. (but I haven't checked in in Heathrow, although AFAIK, those restrictions have been relaxed)
    Same here. In my twelve years of touring overseas, only once did one airline state that I could only have one carry-on. I made my point and ended up with both items as carry-on.

    And if there are any issues, I'll just wear my Aerostich suit till I board the plane. See, only one helmet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorwerk View Post
    Scorpion make a nice helmet bag. Reasonably priced as well.

    I had a cow-orker pick one up for me at Roadrider where he was buying a new helmet while on a binniz trip to the Left Coast. He brought his new helmet home in my new helmet case as carry-on without any problems. I've since used it to put my helmet in and then place inside a duffle bag surrounded by gear for trips to the Isle of Man, Costa Rica and South Korea. The Scorpion Helmet Case works great. No problems.

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    I have travelled with electronics all too often for work. I have found that packing stuff neatly and folded helps a lot. Also I do not connect wires together. So for instance the heattroller is seperate from the heated liner.

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