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Thread: F700GS Stalls and dies after starting when the weather is in the 90.

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    F700GS Stalls and dies after starting when the weather is in the 90.

    Hello I love my bike with the exception that it starts to "chugg", misfires and idles inconsistently and stops after a start in the hot weather, 90s. I've had it to 2 dealers including the one that i purchased it form, they cannot find a fault ! i have contacted BMW who was to send a traveling tec to check it out at the dealership , the dealer ship never heard a thing from BMW and did not know there was such a thing as a traveling technician. has anyone out there had or have heard of a problem such as this? it is a 2014. O.K. I spelled weather wrong in the heading, I have big fingers!!!

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    Welcome to the forums! Is there a start up procedure on F700s and are you following it properly?

    On older F650s there is a start up procedure which consists of waiting for one of the lights in the console to go out before starting the bike. This allows the computer to finish booting up and failure to follow the procedure often leads to stalling and poor performance.

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    Thanks for your replies! I turn the key on and wait until the lights go out and the RPM and Speed needles bounce back to there original position. is there another procedure i should know about? The odd thing is this only occurs in 90+ weather..

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    Welcome to the forum Gedrose

    Will move this to F-Twins shortly, should get more views/responses

    Is it after sitting in traffic for long spells, or just when it's hot in general?
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    After it sits for a long time 10 hours when I'm at work.

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    Its a hot fuel problem. As soon as you get fuel flowing it will come out of the bad running. Keep the rpm up around 2000 untill you get going down the road and it will get over the problem.

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