Dropping South, Crater Lake, Mt Shasta. OR. CA.

Seems as usual the days of summer get away so rapidly. I savor the long days without much interruption and sleep is curtailed to less hours than ever. I even feel tired at times when I finally realize midnight in the woods has approached and the first sun rays jump start me so early. It has been quite some ÔÇ£couple of weeksÔÇØ nourishing the relationship with ÔÇ£Terra ExplorerÔÇØ, I must say a more than pleasant one when riding those narrow trails without any apprehension. Reverse and two wheel drive leave me always speechless.
Yet we battle with Mother Nature at times. Looking for elevation, escaping the mosquitoes, running away from the high temperatures, summer has it's charm and challenges.
I forgot to mention ÔÇ£running awayÔÇØ from crowded spaces also, but when I saw Crater Lake I could not help wanting to spend a few days exploring the circle it makes. It was not too bad, traffic was light, one and only ÔÇ£tent campingÔÇØ space was fairly quiet. We did escape it before the Friday and Saturday's exodus of the weekend warriors happened and dropped a bit more south to the top of Mt Shasta. As far as the road could take us anyhow.
The experience of a Sunset and a Sunrise (so far) adorned with a sky filled with traveling clouds left me just sitting in my chair and taking it all in. Act One, Two, Three and more...
I forgot. We also spend a few days in ÔÇ£PlainÔÇØ, WA, coaching many cook outdoors with provided ÔÇ£Snow PeakÔÇØ gear and the get together organized by ÔÇ£Overland JournalÔÇØ.
The Photos will speak for themselves on the Journal.