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Thread: GPS Mounting/Installation Ideas for a 1200GS?

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    GPS Mounting/Installation Ideas for a 1200GS?

    I want a GPS unit for my GS, but I haven't decided how best to mount it. I'm looking for recommendations and - if possible - pics to help me make a decision.

    At this time, I'd like to mount a Garmin 276C since it'll save me some $$ and I like it's features (I've seen it on a different bike). But which bracket/location to use, I'm not sure. My luck, I'll buy a bracket, and the unit will block my view of the odometer or tach. I'm also interested in any wiring instructions you might have. Thanks.

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    Motorrad Concepts GPS Mount

    We make this:

    Any type of garmin GPSR will fit and as it's fully adjustable you can optimise it's position taking into account screen position, rider height etc.

    With regard to power, we recommend the power outlet within the bikes wiring loom (just near the headstock & usually wrapped in fabric loom tape.

    This requires the male power take off plug (only available from Motorrad Concepts) to be soldered to the end of your Garmin power cable.

    When connected your GPSR will received switched power via the ignition/CanBus system.

    We manufacture bespoke GPS power cables for all makes of GPSR using this BMW plug & such use is (a) approved by BMW and (b) will not invalidate the BMW Motorrad warranty.

    Further enquiries may be directed to:



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    GPS mount

    I had a Garmin 2610 when I bought my 1200GS, so I went down to my BMW dealer and the parts guy, did his magic and found the mount they use for the BMW navigator II. I'll be putting it on tomorrow.

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    The Garmin 276C motorcycle mount:

    A techmount accessory plate attaches to the Garmin mount.

    Techmounts make the mount to the bike.
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    Migsel makes some very good mounts. I've used his gear on my 1150GS and it's top quality workmanship.

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    I own the 276C and will say it's really super . You'll love it! I'm 95% sure the 276C comes with it's own mount since Garmin considers it a marine unit. It's a bracket that tilts and swivels though mine stays locked down plus it has that quick release back.

    That mount allows it to be screwed down to a shelf which works well for an RT, however the GS poses some different issues. Burnzilla has it right. GPS City is the way to go for price, selection, and service.

    One other thing to consider is that Garmin makes the exact same unit as the model 376C. It's identical from the outside, however the 376C has satellite weather overlaid over your screen so you can see where the storms are, plus the 376C also has built in XM satellite radio as well. Both require monthy subscriptions to those services.

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